Dark humor and meat pies

6:00 am Sep. 27, 2016

Do you sometimes laugh at things that are just totally inappropriate and sometimes even ethically and morally wrong? Because I do.

I could describe myself as a person who has her mind in the gutter, but

Improv, Part 2: Being a goof in class

6:00 am Sep. 15, 2016

The day before Karen was to come to my class, I had my humor class students read about the principles of improv.

Those include the following: Saying ‘yes, and’ on stage, making your partner look good,

Improv, Part 1: Being a goof

10:53 am Sep. 6, 2016

One thing about me that you may not know is that I am the current holder of the Improvinental Title Belt. Are you impressed?

The title belt was won last year during an improv show with

Witty women at Ladyfest

5:27 pm Sep. 1, 2016

This weekend I get to be a part of Ladyfest again. The event is at the Old Yellow Cab Building on Fourth Street. I will be appearing on stage with three super hilarious ladies, and

Cheap comedy at Cloverdale

1:03 pm Aug. 31, 2016

This weekend welcomes a new comedy showcase to the Dayton area.

Local comedian Jon Morris will start what will hopefully be a monthly show at Cloverdale on St. Clair Street. He’s already been testing the

Laugh Riot Girl: The humor class begins

3:03 pm Aug. 24, 2016

I am nervous and anxious as I type this blog. Today, the semester starts, and I am teaching my humor class. This is the class that catapulted me into the comedy world. You

8 reasons I want the election to end NOW

12:08 pm Aug. 16, 2016

Reasons why I want this election to be over now:

So I can go on Facebook without wanting to immediately jump out a window and plummet to my death.
So people will stop using the word “sheeple.”

Nowhere else but Hara

10:01 am Aug. 3, 2016

It was 1996. Bill Clinton was president and life was good. The Macarena dominated the air waves, but I didn’t really notice because I was too busy listening to good music like the Gin Blossoms

Conversations with the locals: Jonathan Patterson

6:00 am Jul. 26, 2016

This local comedian profile feature is a chance for comics to tell a little bit about themselves and give some insight into the Dayton comedy world. Comics will answer five questions. Two questions will be